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PayPal is a world-renowned payment medium for the new digital era. It offers individuals and small organizations exceptionally low–cost services. It is also known for its strict approach to the safety measures relating to the digital movement of funds. Other than online payments and receipts of money, with a PayPal login account, you can also explore a range of related services like credit card services for small merchants and businesses along with a few more services in the credit line, and debit card payments.

It offers ways to get better exchange rates on your PayPal balance. You can use PayPal online via a web browser or through the app that is available for both Android and iOS. However, what makes it safe is that there is no account number or routing number associated but is registered with your email. Let’s move ahead to the benefits, the steps of creating an account for login, withdrawing money from your account, and finally, address a common question- why PayPal and not a bank account.

Paypal Account Features

PayPal is known and used around the globe for making payments or just moving funds around. There are two types of accounts they offer- Personal and Business. Besides that here’s why using a PayPal login account for payments and receipts seems like a great idea:

Forgotten your PayPal Login Password? Let's reset it

Do not get despaired if you cannot recall your PayPal account password because we shall walk you through the process to recover your account by resetting your password:


There are some of the benefits that you need to consider while using the PayPal login account:


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